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Business Branding By Canny Turtle

If you are looking for online branding services, you have arrived to the right place. Canny Turtle offers you the most researched and advanced way to build and brand your small business in the right way. Before going in the details of what we do for you, here is a quick take on branding and its importance for small businesses.

What is branding?

A brand is something that customers identify with, and in a world where the competition is all about getting familiar with the audiences to capture them, you cannot just ignore the process of branding. Branding can be best defined as the process in which a brand is built. For small businesses, the task of branding is much more complicated and challenging because the resources are limited and the competition is extremely tacky.

How to brand your small business with us?

At Canny Turtle, we are determined to make you a known face in your niche, and for that, we are dedicated to your success. There are many steps that make a brand, and like many others, if you think that your small business logo and brochure can make it a brand, you are mistaken. There are a few elements that are essential for the branding process like:

  • Business Logo: While it is not the sole thing that makes a brand, there is no denying of the fact that your business logo has a lot to tell about you. We help you create a business logo in the most creative manner. There are two things that we consider here. The first one is your niche, which needs to be clearly identified on the start. The second thing we consider is the kind of image you want to build for your business. Apart from offering template based designing, we also offer unique logos as per the requirements of the company.
  • Making the audience connection: The main reason why all businesses make such big investments on branding is to get connected to the audiences. For making the audience connection, it is important to identify the targeted audience first. We take time to learn about your company, and the kind of goals you have. As we have stated, branding is a continuous process, and for everything else to fall in place, it is essential to start with the audience.
  • Defining the goals: When you plan your business into a brand, there needs to be a proper action plan for the same. We take time to understand the kind of business goals you need to fulfil in a given time and the strategies that will actually impel the customers to find association with the brand. Also, in this stage we determine the cost of getting the branding process, which is obviously a big decision for any business.
  • Starting with branding: The process of branding is essentially based on how a brand is created, and that is not something that is done in a day. With our branding plans made and sanctioned by your team, we take charge of putting the plans to action. At every step, we would be looking to interact with your team for ensuring all plans are revised as per requirements.
  • Follow-up: Once your business is started being recognised into brand, there are tasks of follow-ups, which should ideally be about finding the right options, so that the brand image can be retained and magnified.

The Need For Online Branding

All kinds of small businesses are now taking the online route, and in such competition, you cannot just escape the need for online branding. Canny Turtle has helped small businesses build a big name online, and we are determined to ensure that the online branding needs of your business is taken care of.

Social media marketing: Social media marketing is an essential part of the branding process, and thatís the reason we take all the essential steps to ensure your image is built on the social media channels. This includes designing of Facebook pages and maintaining social profiles.

Brochure designing: Designing brochures has always been our forte. Copywriters and content writers at Canny Turtle work towards making brochures that actually churn customers. all our brochures are extremely well written, and we are ready to revise and market the content as per your needs.

Email marketing: The power of email marketing is best known to small businesses that have reaped the benefits of it. Email marketing can be immensely satisfying and rewarding, and knowing the constraints of most small businesses, we offer email marketing campaigns that are suited for your budget.

Please get in touch with our sales executives for knowing more our branding services. We look forward to get more for you than just your business name.