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Looking for an annual report writing associates. Are you finding a hard time preparing your company’s annual report? Still not clear on what an annual report is and how to work it on? Here we go An annual report is a detailed report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year. It shares shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and its financial performance. It gives you the footprint of the company’s overall growth and performance in terms of revenue. In many countries, it is essential to prepare and disclose such annual reports. Mostly those companies which are having IPO’s and also shareholders, have to publish their annual report in order to spread awareness among those who are the part of the company in terms of growth and productivity.

For any small or big organization, an annual report is an important report which needs to publish at the end of year as it gives their stakeholders, board of directors, other interested people to know about how company is doing and what is the financial performance of the company where it has lost or gain and what are the road maps ahead to cope up with any loss by the company.

The typical annual report may include the following:

  • General company information
  • Policies defined by Accounts in company
  • Balance sheet
  • Inward and outward cash flow
  • Any other non-audited information
  • Summary of Profit / Loss
  • Any notes or information to financial statements
  • Statement from the board of directors/chairpersons
  • Review of report
  • Auditors reports

Importance of providing Annual report

  • We can come to know how good our company is doing, where it is lacking what are the profit and loss and in which arena.
  • Gives you information about whether the company is making more money or it is spending more
  • Helps to define the strategy for the next plan and what all aspects or factors to be taken in to account for making profit for the organization
  • Will help to sync every one and drag them to the same page

The best mode of distributing annual reports could be through the web (i.e. internet) because millions of people are connected online and on their finger-tips, they can see such reports. Nowadays, many big or small organization are distributing report in person as a physical medium to their stockholders but this may increase the cost so to minimize it many organization has started keeping the reports online which make it easy for stakeholders and other to go through the same at any time.

We provide you with a customized solution to develop such Annual report with a variety of images, charts, content which when included in your annual report, makes it worth reading the same and it also gives you a corporate and interactive feeling while you go through the same.

Imagine an annual report with only balance sheet showing profit or loss and you are asked to go through the same will you look into that? The answer could be No. But on the contrary, if you are given choice of keeping charts, images and to find the exact profit or loss amount then will that be helpful or not.

Hence, Canny Turtle with its professionals help you out to create such customized annual report, you need to give the data and we will prepare annual reports for you in a way that when it is integrated on your website it will look more interactive than any other annual report at the same time. Moreover, our team will also help you out such that your annual report when it is search on the net will be found first.

Get meaningful annual report

Creating and publishing an annual report is a vital process for any company to show a company’s growth as well as profit or loss. Publishing manual annual report could be time-consuming and also costly so online publishing of annual report could be a good way to reach millions of your stakeholders across the globe.

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