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We offer impeccable article writing services for your organization and target audience. Today’s online business is all about knowledge sharing. Be it a product or service, organizations must share about their product. Thanks to the Internet who has made it possible.

Think for a while. Thousands of visitors learn about your product and they share their experience. How is that possible? Here comes the article. A well-written article can drive traffic to your website, and you get results.

Generally speaking, common content does not provide any value to your target audience. Which is why we provide SEO articles including informative, educational and more.

The benefit of SEO article

Your customers are worldwide. They lookout for a meaningful article. A well-researched article certainly adds value to your audience. However, that is not the end of the benefits. You will get more benefits than you expect.

  • Adding value to your audience
  • Establish your company profile
  • Audience building
  • Helps in link building
  • Get return traffic to your website
  • Preparing heading and subheading
  • Helps in SEO
  • Search engines show interest

Here is how Canny Turtle writes article (s) for your business

  • Research about your readers: Whenever we write an article for you, we do in-depth research including pain points, trends, and customers & persona.
  • Try to keep the article simple: Customers just takes less than 3 seconds to decide. We ensure the article is simple and easy to understand.
  • Adding headings: Catchy headlines are key to success. We use short and catchy title, heading, and sub-heading
  • Inserting searchable keywords: Online readers are not free to go through the whole article. They are always looking for particular keywords they look for. We use primary keywords supported by LSI, problematic, and other long-tail keywords.
  • Avoiding redundancy: We do not use the same words or sentences.
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