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Are you looking for cost effective way to announce corporate news? Press Release is the right platform to spread about your product launching and services. We provide press release writing services for you that fetches traffic to your website. Our Press Release writing services include product launching, news, achievement, director message, and recognition.

What is press release?

Press release is an official communication, where an organization addresses to news media including online media. These days, organizations leverage online press release apart from traditional methods. Coz they know online press release can give million views.

In order to get perfect press release, one should follow industry standards format. The press release includes the common structure mentioned below:

  • Attention grabbing headline
  • Place and release date
  • Subheading
  • Introduction paragraph which gives information about who, what, when, where
  • Body contains further explanation of the introduction part which includes of rich text
  • Closing section contains information about the initiator

Press release brings brilliant results for any organizations irrespective of size and industry. If you dig a little, you will discover that press release gives you a bunch of benefits.

  • Global exposure
  • Building your trust
  • Reaching out to new audience
  • Helps in traffic
  • Increase authority

Here is how Canny Turtle writes article (s) for your business

  • Research about your readers: Whenever we write an article for you, we do in-depth research including pain points, trends, and customers & persona.
  • Try to keep the article simple: Customers just takes less than 3 seconds to decide. We ensure the article is simple and easy to understand.
  • Adding headings: Catchy headlines are key to success. We use short and catchy title, heading, and sub-heading
  • Inserting searchable keywords: Online readers are not free to go through the whole article. They are always looking for particular keywords they look for. We use primary keywords supported by LSI, problematic, and other long-tail keywords.
  • Avoiding redundancy: We do not use the same words or sentences.
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