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Canny Turtle has been providing product review writing services to leading online store and affiliate marketers since 2012. We can write product review for numerous industries including electronic, home appliance, healthcare, wellness, fashion, digital product, tools and more.

Our team writes unbiased product review while keeping key selling points intact. We understand how smart are customer these days. They check all information that are available on the Internet and then decide. What we mean by this is, if you publish insightful content with clear message, then you can see the surge.

We here at Canny Turtle provide product review writing services that make positive impact on your buyer and trigger for purchasing. Each product review writing includes buyer persona, keyword research, content skeleton, headings, SEO techniques, and on-page optimization

Why you need product review

Let's start with some questions. Can I trust you? Is this product good or dad? Are they good at on-time delivery? I do not find enough review on this. And the list goes on until they find some good review.

Look at these statistics

  • 70% of buyers do not purchase until they read reviews
  • 60% of buyers read review at least from 3 sites
  • Good review can see a growth by 10 to 15 percent
  • Negative reviews can bring your business down by 20 percent

Apart from these stats, we have some more reasons why you need good product review.

Rank your review on Google:

Half of the audiences do not like advertising. They search product review on search engine, when they find your product review, they read and most possibly, they buy.

Influence your buyers' decision

If you own an online store, regular review is highly recommended, coz buyer look out for fresh review. By adding fresh review, you can influence your buyers' decision.

Types of product review writing services

  • Short Product review writing
  • Long Product review writing
  • Amazon Product review writing
  • Affiliate marketing Product review writing
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