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Website content is the most important component of any website that enhances your brand’s credibility and convert your visitors into customers. Writing content for the web is a lot different from writing other marketing content. Canny Turtle offers superior-quality website content writing services within your means.

We offer professional website content writing services that are SEO optimized for search engine listings and rankings. Our years of experience and expertise in a multitude of sectors enable us to craft magnetic content for your website. We aim to promote your company positively in a professional way via our content.

How we actually write for your website

When you hire our expert content writing team, we ensure that you get high-quality, optimized, and instinctive content that makes your target audience glued to your site. At Canny Turtle, we follow a systematic and specialized approach to content writing to ensure that it gets the attention it deserves.

  • Identify your audience
  • Know audience persona
  • Complete website audit
  • Content analysis
  • Well research on your keywords
  • Preparing heading and subheading

While writing we use:

Our dedicated content writing team has a proper understanding of the latest trends that helps us create highly engaging and appealing content using the following tactics.

Start with customer pain points

Every content writing project begins with an understanding of the pain points. We pick the strongest pain points and write for that.

Mention about the challenges

After picking out pain points, we bring up the obstacles to induce their curiosity of finding how to overcome that.

Best solutions

Regardless of the pain point and the challenges, we give them the solution to address their pain point using our content writing service.

Showing some examples

By highlighting specific, real-world examples we help readers better understand and visualize our content.


We do not write for the search engine and write for your audience to engage them and increase your revenue.


Our customer-centric content gives readers exactly what they’re looking for while also providing a clear, consistent customer experience.

Wanting more

Have customized buttons that help direct readers to other areas of your website or a related blog post that they can read or download.

CTA (Call to action)

Good website content ends with a strong call to action. We start CTA with action verbs and ensure to include a hyperlink.

Active voice

Using active voice in our content helps create succinct, direct, more engaging, and reader-friendly sentences.

Short paragraph

A short paragraph of about 4 to 5 lines can be appealing to both humans and search engines.

Plain and small sentence

Website content that’s easy to read and understandable will naturally reach a wider audience.

Bullet point

Using bullet points can help make your content look more interesting and readable.

Benefits of professional website content writing

When you entrust Canny Turtle for website content writing services, you can rest assured that you will receive the best content with the following benefits

  • We do 50% of your on-page SEO work
    • We optimize every page on your site to make it search-engine friendly and rank higher for the target keyword.
  • Customer engagement
    • A steady dose of well-written content will make your website more interesting and increases customer engagement.
  • Drive more organic traffic
    • We are experts in the game of keyword research, content analysis, etc. so that your website’s organic traffic increases.
  • Your customer gets more knowledge
    • Well-drafted content gives people useful information and answers to their questions without having them to contact you.
  • Help in SEO ranking
    • By adding valuable content consistently, you will be able to attract more visitors and improve your ranking on search engines.
  • Lead generation
    • Web content supports lead generation in many ways. Some content builds awareness, some build trust, thereby attracting different types of audience.
  • Returning visitors for more business
    • With more engaging, comprehensive, and relevant content we keep visitors coming back to your website time and again.
  • Low bounce rate
    • Our quality content writing along with higher relevancy and perfect format of the text reduces the bounce rate.
  • Generating new customer
    • At Canny Turtle, we offer relevant, plagiarism-free content that wins the heart and minds of your target audience thus acquiring new customers.
  • Gain trust
    • Publishing insightful content creates recognition and builds trust. When people trust you, they will be more eager to do business with you.
  • Market expansion
    • When your business grows you can easily scale your content writing requisite as our content writing services are well equipped to handle and meet your demands.
  • Save your money
    • While hiring our professional content writing service you pay just for the content you receive and nothing more.

Types of website content we offer

We are your best source for every kind of web content. Our wide range of website content writing services include website content, website copywriting, blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases, product descriptions, corporate profiles, brochures, SEO content, and social media content.

Industry based website content writing

We have been providing professional content writing services for many websites from startups to multi-national enterprises, across different industries. Some of the industries we have written for include eCommerce, digital marketing, hospitality, tourism, and the list goes on.

Website content writing best practices

As already stated, writing for the web is tricky. You need to have high-quality, and unique content to make Google recognize your content as something valuable and to engage humans. No matter what industry you are in or what website page you require, we follow the best practices for content writing to attract your potential customers.

Website content writing packages

Do you need website content writing from scratch or you just need a tweak to your existing website content? Worried about the high website content writing rates in India? Canny Turtle offers the perfect solution with the right kind of words at a nominal website content writing fee. Our website content writing prices are customizable and you can select the one that matches your requirement and budget.

eCommerce website content writing

At Canny Turtle, our skilled writers create eCommerce website content that is unique, SEO optimized, engaging, and high-quality. We drive traffic and entice buyers with eCommerce content that sizzle. Our eCommerce website content writing includes product description, category descriptions, buying guides, and more.

Website content writing checklist

As has been noted, we have a checklist for our website content writing to ensure that the content is fully optimized for humans, search engines, and your marketing goals.

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